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If you really like to drive, this is the place for you!
We have great games where you can drive, even if you don't have a license!

Miniclip Rally is really fun and challenging.

Get your helicopter safely through in Bump Copter 2.

Be careful of Nitro Trabi Driving -- it could be too dangerous for you to handle.

If you are looking for some driving game fun or just want to hang out and get some game action for a while, come and play our driving games!

Driving Games (21)

Play Truck Loader 2

Truck Loader 2
Truck Loader and his faithful magnet

Play Thump Driving

Thump Driving
Drive the van without crashing

Play Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart
Race with Mario and Luigi

Play Raggit Extreme Danger

Raggit Extreme Danger
Drive your car safely around the track

Driving Games (21)

Play Police Chopper

Police Chopper
Learn to drive a helicopter

Play Polar Bear Parking

Polar Bear Parking
Park your 4x4

Play Park-A-Lot 2

Park-A-Lot 2
Park the cars for the customers

Play Nitrome Flash Cat

Nitrome Flash Cat
Nitrome cat driving game

Driving Games (21)

Play Nitro Trabi Driving

Nitro Trabi Driving
Race your car around Bucharest

Play Mountain Rescue 2

Mountain Rescue 2
Get the passenger to safety

Play Miniclip SuperBikeGP

Miniclip SuperBikeGP
Fastest race in town

Play Miniclip Skidoo TT

Miniclip Skidoo TT
Race on the ice

Driving Games (21)

Play Miniclip Rally

Miniclip Rally
Race your hearts out

Play Micro Racers

Micro Racers
Race your car against others

Play Drivers Ed

Drivers Ed
Come learn to drive with Ed

Driving Games (21)

Play Cone Crazy Driving

Cone Crazy Driving
Come smash the irritating cones

Play Caravan Racers

Caravan Racers
Race your caravan

Play Canine Cruisers

Canine Cruisers
K-9 drag racing!

Play Bump Copter 2

Bump Copter 2
Fly your little helicopter safely through

Driving Games (21)

Play 4x4 Offroad Rally

4x4 Offroad Rally
Come offroad and race your 4x4



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