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Web Puzzle Games (More)

Play Jigsaw Dog

Jigsaw Dog
Put the jigsaw doggie back together again.

Play Miniclip XRaye

Miniclip XRaye
Guide Raye through the levels

Play Doeoriki

Doeo is back

Play Pursuit Of Hat

Pursuit Of Hat
Get your hat back!

Web Driving Games (More)

Play Drivers Ed

Drivers Ed
Come learn to drive with Ed

Play 4x4 Offroad Rally

4x4 Offroad Rally
Come offroad and race your 4x4

Play Miniclip Skidoo TT

Miniclip Skidoo TT
Race on the ice

Web Action/RPG Games (More)

Play Bloomin Gardens

Bloomin Gardens
Be a gardener

Play Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction
Abduct the people into your UFO

Play Diner Dash Hometown Hero

Diner Dash Hometown Hero
Help Flo and her Grandma Florence in the restaurant business

Play Nitrome Dirk Valentine

Nitrome Dirk Valentine
Defeat Baron Battenberg

Web Sports Games (More)

Play Elite Base Jumping

Elite Base Jumping
Best Base Jumping Ever!

Play Miniclip Baseball

Miniclip Baseball
Try minor or major league

Play Monster Sumo

Monster Sumo
Poolside Monster Sumo Wrestling

Play Ball In Troubles

Ball In Troubles
Keep the basketball from being destroyed

Web Arcade Games (More)

Play Visible

An innovative platformer that tests your multi-tasking skills.

Play Learn To Fly 2

Learn To Fly 2
Teach your penguin to fly

Play Deck Pong

Deck Pong
Cool circular game of pong

Play AlphAttack

Save the planet from the alpha bombs

Web Learning Games (More)

Play Add Like Mad

Add Like Mad
Have fun learning addition facts

Play Multiplication Station

Multiplication Station
Learn your multiplication tables

Play Dream Toes

Dream Toes
Create fantasy toe designs

Play Jungle Fruit

Jungle Fruit
Clear all the barrels



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